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'Space full of rolling waves of culture and art and where people can relax like lying down on a floor of a traditional house' 
		     With the vision of developing as world's high-class culture and art space together with Yeosu, 
             Yeulmaru is South Coast's greatest multi-purpose art center built together by GS Caltex and Yeosu city.

Yeulmaru, which spans land area of 700,000 m2 (210,000 pyeong), is a specialized venue that can support various genres of performances ranging from opera, 
             musical, concert, play, etc. and is a start-of-the-art culture center consisting of grand theater (1,021 seats), small theater (302 seats), exhibition halls (four), 
             and energy promotion hall.

예울마루 공연장 사진 Yeulmaru, designed by world's leading architect Dominique Perrault, plans for a large walking trail starting at the peak of Mt. Mangma observatory which passes through key facilities such as 
             performance hall/exhibition hall and pedestrian bridge to reach Jangdo's Atelier and permanent exhibition hall where the path's flow is harmonized with the surrounding mountain and sea.
             In particular, dynamic water flow from Mt. Mangma valley flowing into the ocean is displayed as a image on the 152m glass ceiling to focus the design on harmony between architecture and nature as one.
             In addition to the architecture, ecology • landscape facilities such as outdoor floor fountain, windy hill, grass garden, and coastal trail are to be provided as various resting areas.

             Architect Dominique Perrault and Yeulmaru Sketch
             He is the world's leading architect who designed the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, Berlin Olympic Stadium, and Russia Mariinsky Theater. 
             In Korea, he is famous for portraying scenery though the Ewha Women's University Campus Complex (ECC).